OT 116 - Kevin Ruiter Would Like to Remind You That He is a Man of Science

Kevin Ruiter (Harold) joins Zach on the 'pod this week! The pair discuss their upcoming soup-slurping podcast, Kevin's life as a Scientist (did you know that Kevin is a scientist!!?), and where Kevin learned how to do his signature Body Rolls. His majestic Body Rolls. His scene-stealing Body Rolls. Body Rolls that are worth the price of admission to Lysistrata Jones, alone. I cannot oversell you on these Body Rolls.

Lysistrata Jones is now playing at the Ophelia Theatre through April 8th. Tickets for the show can be found at our website at opheliatheatre.com. There will be Body Rolls.

Intro / Outro Music - "Welcome to Enjoy (Instrumental)" by Freen in Green - freeningreen.bandcamp.com